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External developments

Standard 300C produces a very strong impression because of the small area of glazing. In the studio gave the car a rather menacing look. Installed wheels 22 inches in diameter with the dimension 265/35 ZR22 tires and chrome radiator grill with vertical slots. A more aggressive sportuniversala have not been met.


Fast Chrysler 300C SRT8 Touring engine Hemi V8 6.1 (430 hp) after visiting the studio GeigerCars become a monster. The huge engine equipped with a mechanical blowers INTERCOOLER, special exhaust collectors, reprogramme the electronically controlled engine and sport exhaust system. Power rose to 556 force, and torque - up to 679 Nm Mark of 100 km / h the car overcomes in the fifth second, the maximum speed exceeding 300 km / h.

Technical equipment

Engineers from GeigerCars improved suspension and braking system to ensure full control over the increased power. By car you can set the sport springs or adjustable sports suspension, which lowers the ground clearance of 50 mm. In the future, may equip the car even more powerful braking system.


Geiger Chrysler 300C SRT8: 556 - strong universal

The well-known studio Geiger Cars announced the completion of their tuning package for the Chrysler car specialists of German companies even claim that they have managed to build one of the fastest in the world of universals.

The base 6.1-liter V8 engine series Hemi, with a capacity of 430 horsepower, the Geiger Cars offer equip mechanical blowers, as well as to set the car INTERCOOLER, new intake and exhaust system, as well as reprogramme the engine control unit. As a result, the power of the engine increases to 556 horsepower and a maximum torque - up to 679Nm, which is achieved at 4800 rpm. From zero to one hundred kilometers per hour that the car can accelerate to 4.7-seconds, and its maximum speed exceeds 300 kilometers per hour.

In addition, the German tuners produced a more traditional set of "modernization" of serial Chrysler 300C. It includes proprietary suspension Geiger, which adjusts for height, and allowing, if desired, "delete" the car by 50 millimeters. Plus, new brakes - more powerful than established on the SRT8 in the base. Finally, the owner of Universal or 300C sedan would be able to order a set of stylish 22-inch rims and false weight aerodynamic body. More "pafosnye" 24-inch German company promises to add to its tuning package later.

Purchase of technical fine-tuning of the internals of your Chrysler at Geiger Cars will be in the autumn of this year, when the experts complete studio setup sounding exhaust system. Meanwhile, the German company is prepared to deal with a car or looking to redo the finish of his cabin.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Used Chrysler 300 Models

The current generation of Chrysler 300 debuted in 2005 model. Until 2009, 300C, of 5.7-liter V8, made 340 hp, but the powertrains were otherwise unchanged. The model was built in 2007, has received several additional features compared to previous years, and this was also the first year for the WP Chrysler Executive Series. In 2008, the model has been updated with some additional features and freshened styling external, and the 2009 Chrysler 300 have received significant updates, including the power to stimulate change the valve timing at 300C in 5.7-liter V8 and a new active transfer case to all wheels for improving fuel economy and efficiency. This year was also the debut of the comfort-tuned suspension and limited to the model 300C for those who are looking for a softer ride, an optional Chrysler 300C Heritage package, offering the same sports-tuned steering and suspension, as the Dodge Charger R / T Daytona, with a revised SRT8 a new grille, revised suspension tuning and standard equipment.

As fossil data, Chrysler 300 has a long history, but spotty. He emerged in the mid 1950's as a means of demonstrating the new Chrysler "hemi" V8 engine. The first 300 was introduced in 1955 and was based on the New Yorker two-door hard. Its 5.4-liter V8 developed 300 horsepower. After that, Chrysler began drawing sequential letters at the end of "300" for each year, and also offers various forms of bodywork, including a convertible. 1957 300-C, usually considered the most beautiful and desirable in these early cars. In the hemi engine was discontinued in 1958 after the 300, Chrysler, but they continued to use the letter of the do'65 300-L. After that, it was plain 300. In total, there were seven generations of the car before it was discontinued after the 1971 model.

300 name was briefly resurrected in 1979 for a special version of a rather awful Cordova. It will take another 20 years ago, Chrysler has decided to roll out 300 moniker again. That was in 1999, 300M. In contrast to previous 300, it was the only front-wheel drive sedan. On the basis of the second generation of Chrysler in the "cab forward" LH platform, 300M used 3.5-liter V6, resulting in 253 hp (this is the net horsepower, much more conservative than the standard "gross" rating used until 1972) and mounted longitudinally in the engine bay. It was built based on the model 2004.


Current Chrysler 300

In the Chrysler 300c is a large five-passenger sedan with rear-wheel or all-wheel drive. It was designed to appeal to consumers desiring something with a little more personality than a regular family sedan or an alternative to the popular Japanese or European entry-luxury sedans. Some of the 300c in the main, based on the original Mercedes-Benz technology, and its sister platform for the Dodge Charger.

300c in the styling, of course, American. A large chrome grille, double-lens headlights, high beltline, bulging fenders and large wheels of its strong presence on the road. A long 120-inch wheelbase shortens up the front and rear overhangs and opens up a lot of passenger seats in the territory. Cabin sizes generous in all directions, as well as more than 300c proposals for the feet than most of its competitors. Its overall interior design has been described as a simple but elegant. In the dash area effectively combines sporty, semi-deluxe and retro motifs.

In the Chrysler 300c comes in LX, Touring, Limited "," C "(labeled at 300C) and SRT8 trim levels. While the budget-oriented consumers may be attracted to the LX model of the low price, we recommend stepping up a tourist, or limited, as these trim levels come with the type of the standard functions expected for this class of cars. In the 300cC and SRT8 versions of the performance-oriented models. The main difference between them is that the SRT8 version has been configured and equipped to ensure maximum productivity, despite the fact that the 300cC Heritage Package reduces the processing space, 300cC equipped with sports-tuned suspension and steering. To the rear drive Touring models, and 300cC, Chrysler also offers the WP Chrysler Executive Series. This model is going to 6-inch-wide wheel base and provides additional leg in the back seat passengers.

For the power base of 300c is based on a weak 178-horsepower 2.7-liter V6, connected with four-speed automatic gearbox. Tourism and BMI have limited 3.5-liter, 250 hp V6, a five-speed automatic. On the top shelf, 300cC and 300cC SRT8 features V8 engine with five-speed automatics. At 300c in the V8 makes 359 hp and the SRT8 boasts of 425 horsepower. In the SRT8 also includes a rigid suspension setup, more powerful brakes and larger wheel and tire package. 300c Most are rear-drive, but Chrysler offers all-wheel-drive versions of the tour, limited and 300C.

In reviews of the Chrysler 300c, the car is made fairly well. Our editors have commented favorably on its male appearance, powerful engine V8, the long list of safety features and value in U.S. dollars. Bans little but focus on the meager output of the base model V6 car and the poor external visibility. Those desiring maximum fun, no doubt, will be pleased with the 300C SRT8, which can hit 60 miles / hour and the deadlock just 5.7 seconds.


Chrysler 300C Bentley & Rolls-Royce Derivatives

We found these two Chrysler 300C replicas are based on "Intorg". While the Rolls-Royce derivative can deceive one eye Siberian pariah after half a bottle of vodka shots, a Bentley, which is actually more similar to the Rover 75, is less likely to be mistaken for an Arnage or a Continental Flying Spur, as Siberian guy we talked about before, to get lucky in a Russian winter. However, if any of these faux British grew a hair or two on the chest, the "Bentley" is built on the 2007 Chrysler 300 V6 2.7L, and it can be yours for $ 32,895, while his "Rolls Royce" counterpart, is built on 2005 Chrysler 300 AWD V6 3.5L, and it costs $ 37,895.


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Chrysler 300C SRT8 Touring

Chrysler 300C SRT8 Touring


Chrysler 300C SRT8 Touring at least startler conveyance than his brother - sedan. Family 300C is a unique offer to European customers, representing an expressive Chrysler design, and model SRT8, great power - along with the exceptional opportunities baggage, such features as a unique rear side hoisting universal, first-class equipment and the most modern technology.

Building Chrysler 300C SRT8 Touring sedan over a solid architecture, but has unique rear wings, roof and lifting the rear edge. Steel hoisting board is in the shape of inverted letter L, and his joints recline, on a luggage compartment, so the board rises almost vertically and does not require the user to depart from the vehicle. This unique architecture also allows the installation side of expanding access to the rear luggage compartment. This board is equipped with dual janitorial and omyvatelnoy system for additional convenience, customers can be closed by pressing the buttons on the keychain remote control, and opened with the assistance provided in the center of the handle.


6.1-liter HEMI engine is supercharged with the normal, power (431 hp) - the engine with the most power ever to be proposed by Chrysler Group. Its rated power even surpasses the power of the legendary «Street HEMI» 1966. Torque is 569 Nm at 4800 rpm. This allows the Chrysler 300C SRT8 Touring accelerate to 100 km / h in 5.4 with.

Chrysler 300C SRT8 Touring
The engineers who have created an engine for Chrysler 300C SRT8 Touring, achieved more power by increasing the bandwidth by increasing the degree of compression, reworked cylinder heads intake and exhaust systems for increased flow, and increasing engine speed. To get more of the engine, SRT engineers increased the diameter cylinder Chrysler 300C SRT8 at 3.5 mm each, which increased the total amount of the engine to 6.1 liters (from 5.7 liters). Suction capacity of the engine has been increased through new cylinder heads with a maximum flow, specially designed intake manifold and exhaust «lodgement» to individual tubes, prisoners in a casing of stainless steel. All of this is a unique equipment for the new 6.1-liter HEMI engine model SRT8. Larger diameter valves and a modified form of window covers the cylinder allowed to increase air flow. Intake manifold was designed with larger diameter slider to adjust the higher speed. Exhaust through the exhaust system of a larger diameter (70 mm, increased by 10%) with 90-mm chrome exhaust pipes.

Oriented performance profiles distribution shaft was designed to fully meet the needs of the vehicle at the same time allowing more air in and out of cylinders. This increases the power characteristics and helps to cope with higher engine speed, which is another way to increase horse power. Stock intake and release valves hollow, valve rods and exhaust system, in addition, filled with sodium, which helps to more effectively lowering the temperature.

Chrysler 300C SRT8 Touring


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Chrysler modernizes 300c

In the second half of this year, Chrysler could provide a modernized version of its sedan 300C.

Special changes in the exterior of the car will not, although the Chrysler 300C will be just the other front and rear headlights, different bumpers. However, judging by the photographs obtained while Chrysler engineers are testing a new machine with the rear part. But from a technical standpoint, no changes will be.


Chrysler price changes for Russian buyers

The company Chrysler in Russia has announced that in the near future «recalculate» prices of its cars in Russia. Earlier in the price of machines Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep in the country were the amounts in euros. Now, the Americans decided to convert all amounts to their own currency - in the U.S..

Retailers have said that with the transfer pricing basic model Chrysler, sold in Russia, slightly podesheveyut, average prices will drop by 7%. And for some models of «price reduction» is still visible. For example, Jeep Grand Cherokee in price immediately lose 174 thousand rubles, and the Chrysler 300C - 198 thousand

According to experts, the transition to the euro for dollars - it is the first precedent for the car companies in recent times. The most common concerns, rather, constantly fleeing from the falling U.S. currency.


Cars, in which you can invest

We know that the car - one of the most unsuccessful investments. The price only loses constantly asked to eat and often broken. But in every rule there are exceptions.

American Company Hagerty Insurance, which is insurance vintage cars, has published a list of ten cars, which in her view, one and a half or two decades, will become a collectors dream.

In compiling the list for the title of the most cherished cars in 2025-2030 takes into account a number of factors, one of the most important was the number of copies of the series. Also important factor was the design of the car, which either is outside of time, or just stands out against a background of numerous competitors. No matter how funny it sounds, but when calculating the scores in the top 10 for most cars in 2025-2030 is taken into account the impressive growl engine, which is so often demonstrated in the automobile auctions.

As a result, the title will be dear old Cadillac XLR-V Roadster, Lotus Exige S, Audi S5, Mustang Shelby GT500KR, Chevrolet Corvette Z06, Subaru Impreza WRX STI, Honda S2000 CR, Pontiac Solstice / Saturn Sky, Dodge Charger Super Bee, and Smart.

Hagerty publish such a list is not the first year. In 2007, the expert rated the Toyota FJ Cruiser, Mini Cooper, Lotus Elise, Dodge Viper, Acura NSX, Scion xB, Audi TT, Jaguar XK, Chrysler 300p and Smart Fortwo.

It is characterized by the presence in the ranking of Japanese brands cars in 2025-2030, it proves once again the influence of the Japanese automobile industry in the global automotive community.


Chrysler plant to appear in Russia

This week the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia will sign an agreement on promsborke with Magna. Notably, the contract with the Canadians will be the last for our country, because the creation of new car companies of foreign companies is contrary to WTO rules.
Reported that the plant (presumably, he will appear in the Nizhny Novgorod region) will produce a model of American concern Chrysler. Initially the company will meet 100 - 150 thousand cars annually, then this figure could be doubled.

As they say analysts, the establishment of this plant will benefit Americans and Canadians. Magna will be able to earn on the supply of spare parts, and Chrysler - to expand its presence in the Russian market.


Chrysler 300C

However, the success of the plant is possible only if the group chooses a successful model, which will be produced in our country. Experts' advice to make a bid for Chrysler Sedans (for example, 300p), because they enjoy the highest demand in Russia.


Chrysler 300c Limousin

The large size of the cabin allowed the designers and the designers create the Chrysler 300C is extremely spacious and luxurious interior with lots of wonderful devices that provide comfort. A long wheelbase, wide body, large doors opening to a considerable angle, and the minimum possible number of internal projections - all of these features have contributed to the creation of exclusive cabin roominess, comfortable for boarding and alighting passengers.

Chrysler 300c Limousine  up to 12 passengers. Salon - combination skin.

A comfortable lounge is designed for 12 passengers
light sensitivity of glass
leather sofas
mirror bar
different types of lights in the cabin
stemware and glasses for different types of beverages
Branch for cooling drinks
soundproof dividing wall between the driver and passengers
sound system in the passenger cabin
Plasma DVD


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Understand at 15 minutes of Chrysler 300C

300CWe can understand is Chrysler 300C.The brand new rear wheel drive sedan has become the new flagship of Chrysler Sedan Chrysler 300C is expressive and recognizable look, the impressive proportions of the body, elegant, and thoughtful in detail the interior. This is combined with the best scheme of rear drive wheels and a new engine HEMI V-8, which provides lower fuel consumption.

It is a new body design and a unique pattern of rear wheel drive, excellent dynamics, provided the engine HEMI ® V-8 power of 340 hp, and low fuel consumption allows Chrysler 300C ahead of other models and stand out among the major competitors.

Chrysler Group designers have created a car with a unique appearance, which was not repeated features other cars computer design. Model Chrysler 300p (300p Chrysler) embodies the elegant, refined style, which felt a strong running characteristics. Clearly the model belongs to the class of «premium» automotive line.

Understand is Chrysler 300C the long hood and short trunk, raised the lower limit of the high glass doors and lower the side windows form a distinctive and extravagant way of sedan Chrysler 300C.

Short front and rear overhangs emphasize large wheel base and large wheels that are visually out of the body, creating the image of the car, which is the winner. Body panels are made of conventional and high-strength steel, the bonnet and boot lid is made of aluminum alloy.

The new design chassis and body Chrysler 300C Chrysler has been developed by specialists, using all available resources, DaimlerChrysler and many years of experience in the production of rear wheel drive cars.

Panels with double side walls extending from the front pillars to the rear lamps are made in the form of stamped parts. This increases the geometric accuracy of the body.

Front and rear stretcher provide supports for the engine, gearbox, components of the steering, suspension components and the main transmission, as well as help reduce vibrations transmitted to the body. Torque is transmitted to the rear wheels through a composite cardan shaft, which is in the frontal impact. After the primary transfer torque to the rear wheels through the drive shafts of equal length. At 300C installed 18-inch wheels with light alloy and tires Pirelli 225/60 P7.

Suspension front and rear wheels is fully independent, multi-. Thus, the wheel is always perpendicular to the road, which increases the coupling properties of the car while driving in a turn. In combination with a rigid chassis design and optimal placement of axes such suspension design offers the highest level of comfort and smoothness of the course while maintaining high controllability.

The electronic device helps when driving in reverse. To this end, the rear bumper installed sensors detect obstacles. Also, the services of a driver - the sound and light alarm, warning of possible danger. Exterior rear-view mirrors automatically rotated when you select reverse gear transmission. The front of the driver's seat visibility improved through the installation of two new sensors. Rain sensor will automatically turn on the front windscreen at the start of the rain, and the illumination of the sensor will automatically turn on the headlamp with the onset of darkness.

In response to all requirements of Class «premium», Understand is Chrysler 300C has a wealth of standard equipment. The developers have devoted much attention to a car reduce noise and vibration, including aerodynamic noise arising when driving a car. The result was a luxurious vehicle that meets the most demanding tastes.


Chrysler 300C

Chrysler 300CModel «300p» appeared in the range «Chrysler» in 1955 and then became one of the most high-speed machines. «Three-hundredth» a series revived in 1998, when he saw the light peredneprivodny «Chrysler-300m» (BP, 1999, № 3). New rear wheel drive «Chrysler 300» debuted at the New York Auto Show 2003. A car produced in Bramptone (Ontario, Canada) with a four-bodies pyatidverny sedan and station wagon. V6 petrol engine volume of 2.7 or 3.5 liter aggregated with four-automatic gearbox, a V8, 5,7 L - with five. Prices in the United States - from $ 23 985 for standard equipment «300» 2.7 liter motor, up to $ 33 800 for a test «300p» 5,7 l.
«Monument! Block! Bronevik! »- Melknulo in the head, when he first saw« Chrysler-300p ». Solid forms, uzenkie a glass cockpit, nose chopped, hard look sullenly, wild fling fall lattice - hefty five-zveryuga simply suppresses primitive brute force! Aerodynamics, the elegance of lines and other frills secondary ... The strength - that's what the main thing in the car! And its here in abundance - V-shaped «G» volume of 5.7 liters and makes muffled klokochet podragivat body. 340 «horse» - this is the most powerful engine in the «Chrysler» in the last third of a century. Effective trick: if idling dramatically to gas, more than polutysyacha newton-meters substantially kachnet reactive moment of the car right. If the selector gearbox is in position D, so even off the traction control system, everything will be like in the classic American fighters: roar, shriek, thick white smoke in the rear arches, and two fat black trace lengths of a few tens of meters - the huge 18 -- inch wheel outer diameter 720 mm (!) «anneal» asphalt until the «machine» not switch to second gear. Damn! I am scared to go to THIS ...
Endless green park with a few buildings and shady streets. Hard to believe that this is the car capital of America - Detroit. Soon, the six lanes are four cars go as nanizannye to nitochku. I also include cruise control and stand allowed 70 miles per hour. «Chrysler-300p» was surprisingly modest - for more than a thousand kilometers of 11 liters per hundred! .
Overview quite good, the only drawback - low overhanging roof, out of which no visible lights. With regard to the protection - there are only two front airbags, although adaptive, and two inflatable curtains over the windows. In principle, a lot, but a car of this class, I expected to see six to eight «eyrbegov». But the equipment at fame: the hatch, auto darkening all mirrors, parktronik, stabilization and control system, tire pressure, rain gauges and lighting, a navigator, heated seats, audio-class high-end at 288 W, finishing salon skin and aluminum and more . Rede in engine design - two spark plugs per cylinder allow for lean mixtures, and 0.04 for the MDS system to turn off half the cylinders under low loads, saving 10-20% of fuel. Steering column and seat neglected for convenience drop-off/pick-up. Range of adjustment huge: in the rear position of his feet barely get to the pedals.
They say that any American can be found ancestor in Europe, Asia, Africa or anywhere. One of the ancestors of modern-day «three» series «Chrysler» comes from Stuttgart and it is called ... «Mercedes» E-Class. Yes, it is worth a look under the bottom - find the familiar elements of the suspension and transmission. So it is little wonder it is not an American habit. Rough road joints, which are only неслышно barely noticeable shake taxi «Lincoln Town Car», forced to shiver «Chrysler» under subdued «bub-bum» pendants. But already on the winding trail behind him any «American» did not keep pace - to be sure of this, I half-hour iron some empty two-outcome. The machine is fully managed turn. The small bank, of course, there are, but not irritatingly-long suspension of the compression phase from the outside. «Classified» speed hard - manage to wind up early because the grip of huge wheels are very high. But if we happened to squeal dreyfuesh out - sideways, with no signs of skidding, then a couple of times grunt stabilization system - and more again as if nothing had happened.
What, in your opinion, is a miracle that more stuck called «six hundredth», as «three»? Fifty thousand? Seventy? One hundred? Very cool ... Sit down if you stand. The car costs only thirty-three thousand eight hundred! And dollars, not euros - this is the price masthead integration without options. A budget option, of course, in the American sense of the term - with a V6 engine pitiful amount of 2.7 liters and output of some 140 liters kVt/190. pp., with the «machine», air conditioning and other features of the savings and costs are in the $ 23 985!
And now the two news. News, good - in July «Chrysler-300p» start selling in Russia. News Item second, sobering - to us it will be almost twice as expensive: the recommended price of 39 700, 44 700 and 56 300 euro for cars with engines 2.7, 3.5 and 5.7 liters. E-Oh, not a country called Honduras ...
«Chrysler-300p» - a new word in automotive design, overt power and strength. An incredible car for the money: in the U.S. - small, we have - big.
+ Excellent acceleration and braking dynamics, huge reserves of power and traction control, articulate, quick reactions on the road, good noise isolation, comfortable and spacious interior, comfortable landing, rich integration, high fuel efficiency.
- Zhestkovataya suspension, a limited review up, with four airbags, a small glove box, inconvenient podrulevye switches, «dokatka».
Differences between American and European versions are due only to the requirements of relevant government authorities and refer, for example, forms the plate and place it under the bumper, as well as lighting. In addition, North American cars with engines of 2.7 and 3.5 liters are sold as «Chrysler 300», and only the version with the Hemi engine is a symbol 300p. Warranty, as all models «Chrysler / Jeep», - 2 years unlimited mileage. In Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Perm and Togliatti, and at a distance of 50 km around the program «Privileged service». Mezhservisny intervals - 5000 or 10 000 km, depending on the nature of exploitation.
The last ten years cars peredneprivodnye «Chrysler» link on a cab forward - «cabin ahead». «Concord», «Vision», «New Yorker», 300m - they cut the windscreen extends almost to the middle of the wheels. However, such a configuration is difficult to place the engine under the hood more than the V6 volume of 3.5 liters and the capacity of 200-250 liters. with. Combining with the company «Daimler-Benz» and logical requirement unification nodes, units and platforms has forced «Chrysler» back to the classical - rear wheel drive layout. Its main advantage - practically no restrictions on the configuration, size and engine power. And if so, then you need to load the rear wheels, so that, «go back, the cab!» - Some back, cab back!


Chrysler Corporation. History

Company, and thereafter the corporation Chrysler, was founded June 6, 1925 engineer Walter Percy Chrysler (Walter P. Chrysler, 1875 - 1940), as a result of the reorganization of companies «Maxwell Motor» (Maxwell Motor) and belonged to the «Chalmers Motor» and « Willis-Overland »(Willys-Overland).
Prior to founding his own company, Walter P. Chrysler had time to work on the railway and the assistant driver, mechanic, manager and president of the company «Buick», and vice-president for production in the «General Motors». Such a turn in the career of Walter called the purchase a vehicle in 1910. Before W. Chrysler mastered wisdom control car, he reviewed it before the screws, studying design.
After leaving GM in 1920, Walter Chrysler took over the reorganization and financial improvement «Willys-Overland» and «Maxwell Motor», living in deep crisis (the debts of the company, John Willis were about 50 million and losses of Jonathan Maxwell - 26 million ).
The main emphasis was placed on the release of new models of «Chrysler Six», developed by Walter with three engineers.

It was a coup, and in 1925 a newly established company Chrysler produces a new model - «Chrysler Four serial 58», four-seat car, in full accordance with its name developing in those times, mad speed - 58 miles per hour (93 km / h ). The car was so successful that in 1926, it sold about 4,000 dealers, enabling Chrysler for the year to climb from 57 th to 5 th place among American car manufacturers. And in 1928 the profit of the company will open two new units - «De Soto» and «Plymouth», and buy a competitor - the company «Dodge Brothers».
Not bad earning on delivery of military equipment during the Second World (the corporation produced tanks Sherman M-4, trucks, engines and cannons for the B-29), after the war, Chrysler bought 11 plants. Nevertheless, in the early 50's the corporation falls to third place among American car companies. Limiting range, Chrysler is moving towards improving their cars, while supporting the company's reputation for innovative technologies and advanced design: in the 1951-m the first car with power steering, and then all the machines are equipped with the ignition key is changed in the suspension of vehicles.
In the 1980's Chrysler Corporation opened a new market sector, having started production of minivans - the coup has allowed corporations to take a leading position in the United States and produce about 20% of the European market. Corporate profits have been invested in the creation, together with the «Mitsubishi» Company «Diamond-Star» and acquisitions in 1987 «Lamborghini» and «American Motors» (Brands AMC - «Jeep» and «Eagle»).
It should be noted that Chrysler did not just buy shares «competitors», but willingly ally: in 1970 under the Chrysler brand vehicles produced midget «Mitsubishi», in the late 70's guidance office «Chrysler Europe» transferred concern «Peugeot-Citroen », in the 80's, together with« De Tomaso - Maserati »develops and produces Chrysler TC (Chrysler Turbo Convertible Built by Maserati). With the participation of Chrysler created and made supercar - Lamborghini Diablo.
In the early 90's Chrysler divided his model: under the Plymouth brand vehicles produced in the most simple and cheap equipment, Dodge promoted the idea of «the people's car», a brand Chrysler produced the most expensive set (on the European market under this brand were sold to all vehicles except Jeep). Eagle, brought to a joint project with Mitsubishi, has become the sports line. The same cars that were released under different brands, in addition to slightly different configuration and appearance. The exceptions were Viper and Tomahawk, issued to America under the Dodge brand and the Prowler, submitted under the name Plymouth.

In the 90's in the United States after a period of rapid development of a period of stagnation. American market, unlike the Japanese, is not closed, and competition from overseas manufacturers with each year becoming tangible. In 1995, the American gambling tycoon Kirk Kerkoryan, who was at that time the largest private investor in Chrysler, offered to purchase the whole company, because its investment in the early 90's (about $ 1.4 billion), helped Chrysler to stay afloat after the next crisis. But Robert Iton rejected the proposal, he had other plans: he Helmut Werner discussed the partnership between Chrysler and Mercedes-Benz. Chairman of the Board of Directors of Daimler-Benz CEO Juergen Shremp already tried to create a transnational avtomonstra with Ford, but the deal did not materialize: Ford family did not want to lose control of the company and the acquisition of the third-largest U.S. automakers, disguised as a merger, to insert in his plans as well as possible better. Kirk Kerkoryan supported the merger, which although it reduced the stake owned by him, but carried a significant increase in dividends, it was enough in favor of the transaction, and other favored investors.
And finally, in 1998 was the merger of two leading international automobile giants - «Daimler-Benz AG» and «Chrysler Corporation». The newly created company «DaimlerChrysler AG» became the largest car in the world.
After two and a half years after the «merger» German and American automakers in an international corporation, it became apparent that the once powerful empire of Chrysler from the transaction is lost. As a result, shares of DaimlerChrysler, the value which in January 1999 reached the highest mark of $ 108 apiece, have fallen in price to $ 46,4; Chrysler sales fell by 14%, 6 factories, which once owned the Chrysler had been closed, Plymouth and Eagle brands are buried, a mass exodus of top managers from the American side has confirmed only guess about hostile takeovers. All this spodviglo Kerki Kerkoryana appealed to the court with the claim, in which he claims that his deception was forced to approve the deal. If Kerkoryan knew that there was no "merger of equals" will not, he never would have given him his voice. Kerkoryan requires the payment of his $ 9 billion, or cancellation of a merger. However, until the position is determined by its two current largest shareholder of the corporation - Deutsche Bank and the Committee on Investment of Kuwait, speaking on the future of giant early.

unwittingly aid the Soviet Union

In the 30's of the Red Army needed to command and staff vehicles high road, as the Soviet «ford» GAS GAS-A and-AA had little four cylinder engine and the design of little use for the Soviet roads. The choice fell on the model of «Dodge» Series D, but talks with Chrysler's technical assistance had reached an impasse, and the decision of the party decided at their base to make your own car, stupidly copying all the technical solutions. A dedicated team of Soviet engineers disassembled to screw the best at the time the engine «Dodge D5» lifting the metric dimensions of each part (in the original engine has been designed to «inch system») and adapting the technology under the existing technical capacity of gas. Engine with an index assigned to the GAZ-11 was declared a «an outstanding achievement of Soviet design ideas» and with the six-cylinder volume of 3,485 liters gave 76 hp (v. 78 hp from the original).
On the basis of engineering decisions Dodge were created broneviki, light tanks of type T-38, GAZ-MM truck, fitted with an engine GAZ-11. Gorky plant uses this engine to the model of GAZ-51, and wanted to put it in the «victory» - but at the presentation of the machine Stalin decided that the 6-cylinder engine is too raskoshen for cars postwar devastation and engineers gas ... cut off from the cylinder 2 ! At the same time making the design of some rationalization proposals that have accumulated over decades of production. So the development of Chrysler late 20's lived up to our days.

few figures

In 1937, Walter released the empire 1,000,000 vehicles under the brand «Chrysler» and 2,000,000 vehicles under the brand «Plymouth». But in 1965 the volume of cars produced was such: Plymouth - 14,000,000; Dodge - 10,000,000; Chrysler - 4,000,000.
Now DaimlerChrysler vehicles are manufactured in 17 countries and sales of the group with more than 200 countries, so in 2004, DaimlerChrysler sold more than 4.7 million vehicles, while turnover amounted to more than 192 billion dollars.
In 2000, Russia was opened «The Moscow House of DaimlerChrysler», and in 2002, JSC «DaimlerChrysler Automotive ENG» became the general importer of products of the group in Russia.


Chrysler Corporation

«Chrysler» (Chrysler Corporation), an American automobile company that produces cars stamps «Chrysler», «Dodge», «Plymouth», «Eagle», etc., trucks «Dodge», pickups, and a variety of accessories. There are financial and technological corporate offices; produces electronic and aerospace products. The headquarters is located in Highland Park (Michigan).
The company was founded in 1924 the famous engineer and businessman Walter Chrysler as a result of the reorganization of the company «Maxwell Motor» (in turn absorb the «Chalmers Motor», founded in 1908) and «Willis-Overland». In 1924 as the first passenger car brands «Chrysler 70» with 6-cylinder engine. It is a good acquisition was the purchase in 1928 of «Dodge», immediately vyvedshaya «Chrysler» among the major automobile manufacturers of America. In the same year, launched the brand Plymouth ( «Plymouth») and DeSoto (De Soto). A powerful breakthrough does «Chrysler» at the end of 40-50's. In 1949 a convenient innovation - the launch vehicle using the ignition key. A number of powerful model displays a company moving towards a more powerful engine. In 1955 «Chrysler-Imperial» a separate line of «Imperial». The company makes a strong spurt and starts buying up shares of European companies: in 1963 buys 40% stake in Spanish company Barreiros Diesel ( «Barreyros Diesel»), in 1964 30% stake in a consortium of British motor Rootes Group ( «ROOTS Group»), in 1966-67 about 80% stake in French company «Simka». These firms are referred to respectively «Chrysler España», «Chrysler United Kingdom», «Chrysler France» and subsequently merged into «Chrysler Europe».
In 1970 «Mitsubishi Motors» produces under the label «Chrysler» midget cars for sale in the United States. But the 70-ies became unprofitable for the company: impact and the energy crisis, and poor industrial policy. In 1978 management office «Chrysler Europe» transferred concern «Peugeot-Citroen» (Peugeot-Citroen), but still «Chrysler» is on the verge of bankruptcy. To rescue the company was invited by a famous manager Yakokka Lee, who managed to get a large loan from the federal government, proving that the closure of factories such as the giant corporations «Chrysler» it would be a national tragedy of America. Yakokka managed to put the company in a number of lucrative to 1983. K «Chrysler» joined «Lamborghini» (1987), «American Motors Corporation» with its famous department «Jeep». In 1985-89 «Chrysler» develops small economical cars in cooperation with «Mitsubishi Motors» and «Renault». Since 1988 is a series of trucks and pickups «Eagle».