Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chrysler 300c SRT8 for GTA 4

Chrysler 300c SRT8

Excellent car for a great game Download Chrysler 300c SRT8 for GTA 4

If you have problems installing, read the instructions on the installation files for GTA 4.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chrysler ME 4-12 - Updating in a number of supercars. Prt 1

The company introduced the Chrysler Auto Show in Detroit, an interesting exhibit - a mid-experimental supercar, received the name of Chrysler ME Four-Twelve (4-12). This car, of course, was created not only the Chrysler designers, but also Mercedes-Benz, AMG, and Ricardo.

Chrysler ME 4-12

Despite the parallels with the recently launched SLR, the new car has a totally different design and a mid-supercar is a classic in the style Carrera GT, unlike perednemotornogo SLR.

Chrysler ME 4-12

This supercar, according to developers, will serve as a proving ground on which people have various innovative technical and technological solutions. Novelty can boast a unique rigid body, which is used when creating new composite materials, aerodynamics and delicious, so even at extreme speeds ME 4-12 retains ideal handling and stability.

Chrysler ME 4-12

Derivation of the future car market - the question of solutions, the only question is skillfully positioning the machine. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the interests of the German partner with its supercar SLR


Chrysler ME 4-12 - Updating in a number of supercars. Prt 2

The car is equipped sixlitres 12-cylinder engine of Mercedes, who worked on the experts atelier AMG, and which, after the installation of two additional turbochargers (in the amount of them was four) develops power of 850 horsepower. The maximum torque of that monster reaches 1150Nm, the peak which accounts for the range of 2500-4500 revolutions per minute.

Chrysler ME 4-12

From zero to one hundred kilometers per hour and 4.12 faster for 2,9 sec., A distance of 402 meters car passes for 10.6 seconds. Speed new items a little less 400 kilometers per hour. As the gear used 7-speed Ricardo double-clutch (in the style of DSG) and sequential shift, which spends on switching from one transmission to another of about 0.2 sec.

Chrysler ME 4-12
Unlike traditional "exhibition" of show cars, 4-12 from the company Chrysler is, according to experts, most likely pre-production prototype, not the usual "toy" for the entertainment of visitors to showrooms. Despite the fact that the prototype full swing wound miles of test ranges in the next year or two cars at the base 4.12 on sale, we do not see. The most probable time of its appearance - 2007.

Chrysler ME 4-12


Chrysler ME 4-12 - Updating in a number of supercars. Prt 3

Not determined yet and the market, which will be positioned a new car. Depending on this will be determined by the price of the car and output. Already known as the approximate ranges of these variables: the price of 140 thousand U.S. dollars (as the Ford GT - when you build 15-20 cars a week) up to 1000 people (as the Veyron - 1 car per week).

Chrysler ME 4-12

The final decision of DaimlerChrysler AG will take on the results of sales as a SLR, and the Veyron, when he will be on sale. But it is already known that krayslerovskaya 4.12 platform can be used in the future and to produce a car under the brand name Mercedes. As mersedesovsky SLR, assembly production vehicle based on 4.12 will be implemented, most likely, another firm.

Chrysler ME 4-12


Monday, December 14, 2009

Bertone plant will produce Chrysler and Jeep

Carmaker Fiat SpA intends to build on the recently acquired plant Carrozzeria Bertone annual output to 50 thousand cars.

The plant will produce two models. What is still unknown, but most likely it is to move production from the factory Magna Steyr in the Austrian city of Graz, Chrysler 300 and Jeep Grand Cherokee, writes "Business Automobile Club.

The fact that the Bertone plant will produce one of the models of Chrysler, said the head of the alliance Fiat-Chrysler Sergio Marchionne. Perhaps it would be "a big sedan" - the successor to Chrysler 300.

Thus, it is possible that the former factory of the famous car bodies studio Bertone will collect Jeep for Europe.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Chrysler and Nissan stopped development of a new Nissan Titan

Companies Chrysler and Nissan announced a cessation of cooperation on the development of a new generation of full-size pickup Nissan Titan.

Automobile giants were planning to create joint efforts of three models. The most significant of these was for Nissan Titan, technically akin Dodge Ram, with a hybrid power plant, wrote Japancar.

The reason for the termination of cooperation is officially called the "changing market conditions, although it is obvious that the cause of the financial problems of Chrysler LLC and the purchase of its automakers Fiat. Now the Japanese partners to fund development of next-generation Titan itself.

In addition to Titan, Nissan and Chrysler planned to jointly develop a compact city car based on the Nissan Tiida / Versa under one of the brands Chrysler, as well as entirely new model for South America.


Friday, December 11, 2009

Lifetime warranty on the cars Chrysler replaced the five-year

Carmaker Chrysler Group was replaced by a lifetime warranty on engines for five years for all cars, starting in 2010.

Lifetime Warranty on Chrysler engines were the best in the industry, but it decided to replace the more familiar "five years or 100 thousand mileage. The problem was that the lifetime warranty was given only to the first owner of the car. And when selling the car replaced the three-year warranty with a mileage of 36 thousand kilometers, writes "Business Automobile Club.

"The ability profitable sale of the car - is that people simply need to" - he said it - the Speaker of the company Rick Dene. Lifetime warranty, he said, "was not as valuable to our clients, as we had hoped."

The new warranty will all models of Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep in 2010, except for model Sprinter and diesel trucks.

In Russia, for all Chrysler cars offer two-year warranty.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

The crisis did not prevent Chrysler plans for the future

This week, manager Bob Nardelli Chrysler met with the U.S. Congress for the presentation of his bailout plan. It follows that before the end of the year the company urgently needed an infusion of capital in the amount of seven billion dollars, lucky number, really.

But government leaders have not endorsed the plans a top manager of the company, deciding to pay only $ 2.5 billion by the end of the month. Nevertheless, despite such an unpleasant denial Chrysler surely follow its plans are not about to cut their budgets and in every possible way to reduce production.

The company plans to release year appointed restalingovoy 300C, as well as the creation of exhaust air treatment for their main models. At the second in the Chrysler confer remarkable hope. This has developed a new series of six-cylinder engine under the name Phoenix. In addition, creating an optimized aerodynamics and preparing to leave eight-automatic gearbox, replacing a four. Strange, do little for the six gears engines Chrysler?


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Chrysler 300C has been trained in tuning-studio Startech

Chrysler 300C tuningTuning studio Startech, owned by the company Brabus, presented a package of improvements for the updated model Chrysler 300C. The appearance of the machine was transformed by a new aerodynamic body kit. Instead of standard wheels appeared huge 22-inch rims Startech Monostar IV, «shod in low-profile tires. In the salon you will notice a new finish Mastik of high quality leather and Alcantara, as well as boxes made of wood.
Do not forget the master tuning and about stuffing. Diesel 3.0-liter engine got new "brains» SD6, increasing engine output to 262 hp and 580 Nm. With refinements to the need to disperse hundreds of 7,2 seconds and top speed increased to 238 km / h.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

To Europe Goes Chrysler 300C SRT

Chrysler produced for the European market diesel version of the model 300p. With their characteristic irony TopGear walked on the idea of equipping a classic New York "MafiaMobile" tarahtyaschim diesel. By the way, the power plant on diesel fuel remained the same size as the cult gasoline 6.1-liter V8 Hemi, stipulates the at 300p.

Chrysler 300? SRT-Design has a sports body kit, 20-inch wheels and new chrome grille lights, rear spoiler, instrument panel and center console of the new design, as well as LED lighting elements in the cabin. Standard equipment for a car with a diesel engine is a multimedia navigation system with touch screen and hard drive at 20 gigabytes.


Monday, December 7, 2009

Chrysler 300C New generation

Chrysler 300C NewIt is known that Cerberus is not very pleased that acquired Chrysler. And the head of an investment corporation probably nibble at how to get rid of the auto giant. For all existing prospects were destroyed by the financial crisis. Many were even convinced that Chrysler had ceased all development. Nevertheless, Frank Klegon engaged in the development of new projects, said that in the bowels of the company are preparing new models of Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep. For example, the new generation 300C and Charger.

Already in 2010, must have new versions of these cars, which will use a different platform (more would be present is high time to retire). In addition, we expect other engines - those most advanced engines V6 Phoenix, which we recently told you. In addition, it is likely that as the gearbox will be used 8-way "automatic".


Sunday, December 6, 2009

New sedan Chrysler 300C tested in the U.S

Chrysler 300C NewOn the roads of America went to test new sedan Chrysler 300C.

In the second generation models, judging from spy photos, is there modified bumpers, more modern lighting and perelitsovannaya grille.

Earlier it was reported that the new sedan Chrysler 300C has also received a modified instrument panel and an updated center console.

New Chrysler 300C will be available for sale with propulsion units volume 2.7, 3.5, 5.7 and 6.1 liters.

The debut of the new sedan will be held in January 2010 at the motor show in Detroit.


Friday, December 4, 2009

All Mayor's Should Drive a 300C

It sounds as a good city to be the mayor I trust. The mayor feels that it rescues money, at the wheel Chrysler300C. Through internal-West-courier
STRATHFIELD [Au] Council could see the following mayor a flogging round area, in Porsche.
Last year the mayor cannot spend more than $40000 on the car and the former mayor Kate Kvon has decided not to accept one on all.
Advisers have passed amendments the policy of expenses last week, blocking the project of a policy in August of last year which is established restriction on the tax magnificent car a threshold $57000, or to $75000 for toplivno-effective cars and an establishment of any restrictions at cost of the mayor of a vehicle.
Strathfield mayor Toni Marun protected the decision, having declared that amendments to the politician in conformity with positions under the law on local steering and Department principles of the local government.
"It is important to notice that Council has no magnificent cars in the park, he has told.
"Though a ceiling price of a vehicle which can be got for the mayor... Nearby $57000 Marks, Chrysler 300C I use costs $43000 which it is good in a limit".
Cr Marun has told that its car was a part of the general of fleet in Council, and such reasons as the price, the operational expenditure and blowouts of hotbed gases were to be considered as a part of the decision on purchase.
The independent adviser has told Denni Lim Cr of Marun it is not necessary to hoist the offer of cars:
"What does he want further? The helicopter"?


Chrysler 300C SRT Mountain Test

Motortrend magazine only to put together the short list the list of some of the best on the end of the year of transactions, and one is allocated for a head above the others. Whether you can guess, what? That, S rights Chrysler 300C SRT

To look Roman Mica to accept Chrysler 300C SRT out of for test drive on winter mountain city roads Denver, the State of Colorado.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

300C with TV

I. About, it is healthy. I want one of them. You can receive one of them in yours Chrysler 300C. The reasons only Chrysler declared that it becomes the first motor-car manufacturer whom offer in the car of mobile TV with the full list of channels. New service, Flo TV of the Car of entertainment, will bring to 20 channels for a monthly payment that low in comparison with existing services of a satellite communication.

Chrysler has concluded the bargain to make a programming number, and not just in the cars with Mopar a mobile variant of the TV. Well since December, the system will include "something for all", to 20 channels, after clearing Chrysler, including CBS Mobile, 2Go NBC, CNBC, Comedy Central, FOX News, MSNBC, MTV and Nickelodeon. Sweet addition to yours 300C


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Interior of 300c

Dimensions Salon 300C allowed Chrysler designers to create a spacious and luxurious interior with lots of amenities. With a wheelbase 3048 mm component, 300C has a maximum length of in-class space to accommodate the feet of the rear passengers (maximum value - 1020 mm) maximum length of the space to accommodate the feet of the front passengers - 1061 mm. Ease of access to the cabin is provided by large doorways (doors open at an angle 72 degrees).
300C outperforms its competitors and the height that allows you to locate the driver's seat above on the road surface, improving visibility. Distance from seat cushions to the ceiling is as follows: front - 975 mm, rear - 959 mm. The driver of any size would be able to easily find the best position of his chair, which has eight different adjustments to the servo. The steering column is also equipped with a servo-controlled adjustments for length and angle. Pedals (accelerator pedal and brake pedal) can also be adjusted with a servo, but this option is set to order. In this case, the range of longitudinal adjustment of the pedals is 76 mm. Built-in memory lets you save settings for two different drivers.
Both front seats have manual lumbar stop. The range of longitudinal adjustment of the driver seat is 270 mm - a 50 mm more than the previous model Chrysler. Rear seats 300C equipped with three headrests and a folding center armrest. The rear seat is on 60/40. It can also be folded completely forward, thus freeing up additional space for cargo.
The luxurious interior with a rich set of additional equipment As befits sedan premium ", 300C has a rich base set. Developers car paid much attention to reducing noise and vibration, including aerodynamic noise due to the motion of the car. The result is a luxurious car that meets the most exacting tastes.
Devices of the front panel dials are colored plaster with black lettering and black as arrows. Highlighting scales performed fluorescent light on a contour dials. After headlamps devices glow green and blue light. The front panel includes: speedometer, tachometer, fuel level indicator and coolant temperature and the central display driver information system (EVIC). Driver Information System is an interactive system, the central display can operate in seven different modes. Scroll keys and function keys of the system are located on the upper spokes of the steering wheel. There also are key audio controls.
The center console lid and automatic transmission selector made of plastic coated "for aluminum. The center console are the nozzle air-conditioning, Analog Clock, stereo system, satellite navigation systems (installed on request) and controls the climate setting. Part of the center console located between the front seats, a box for small items with a rosette of 12 volts. Top box covered with a padded armrest. Not forgotten, and two tip-up cup holder.
Patented laths "under the tortoise shell, similar to those used for decoration spectacles, frame door handles, decorated with the selector lever and the upper part of the ARC steering wheel. These parts form a distinct, unique style. The illusion of "tortoise shell" is created by applying a translucent yellow-gold plastic on an aluminum base, and then applied another layer of dark, spotted polycarbonate gives to products finished appearance.
Chrysler 300C, designed for the European market, has tinted windows that reduce heat transfer, and thick (5 mm) glass front doors to reduce noise in the cabin. Two-band system of climate control is equipped with advanced sensors that allow completely independently regulate the microclimate in the right and left areas of the cabin. The system includes two light sensor located in the upper part of the control panel and can automatically adjust the work of the climate installation, depending on the level of illumination. Participating in the management of climate system is only in the initial installation of the desired parameters. Depending on your settings in the system provides two ranges of fan speed.
The vehicles, intended for sale in Europe, will be installed speaker Boston Acoustics-class "high-end". New audio of this class will already be installed as standard. This system has six speakers and speaker amplifier 288 watts. On the order can be established even more powerful amplifier power 380 W with additional loudspeakers. In both models there is a high-frequency speaker located on the center console, and 8 inch low-frequency speaker in the rear of the car. The antenna for the radio is built into the rear window.
Central locking with remote control enhances the safety car owner Chrysler 300C - opening-closing door locks and the inclusion of outdoor lighting devices can be operated from a distance of 20 meters. From the remote control can also enable and disable the security alarm. Ignition key has a button for opening the trunk. Trunk can be opened and the button on the front panel.


Exterior of 300c

Chrysler designers have developed a new approach, which allowed the company to return to the market rear-wheel drive luxury cars. " The long hood and short trunk, lifted the lower limit of glazing with high doors and smaller side windows, together form a distinctive and expressive image of sedan 300 C.
Short front and rear overhangs Chrysler 300 C stress greater wheelbase and large wheels, located as it were, outside the body, create an image of the car, which is the winner in the battle with the road. Body panels are made of conventional and high-strength steel, hood and trunk lid is made of aluminum alloy.
The dominant feature of the design of the Chrysler 300C is the design of the grille. Emphasize high, it smoothly above the contours of the bonnet and front bumper. This design decision - a tribute to cars, Chrysler release late fifties, wearing the same literal notation. Because of this new parts Chrysler 300 C can not be mixed with any other car. For the first time in the development of new products, engineers used a full-size car in the blowing wind tunnel of DaimlerChrysler in Detroit. It was able to optimize not only the general contours of the body, but small parts of the exterior. Were carried out research work on aerodynamics poddnischevoy zone car as has ever been made by engineers Chrysler. Through these activities, air resistance coefficient Cd of the new model is just 0,343.


Chrysler 300C. Safety

Chrysler 300C offers both a rich set of passive safety. Three programmed deformation zones dampen the energy of frontal impact into the body. Dual front side members made from two types of high-strength steel, transmit shock loads to cross the front shield, which, in turn, redistributes the efforts on the side and lower bearing elements so as to maintain the Chrysler 300 saloon with the living space. Highly placed the lower boundary of the lateral glazing allowed to make a door, which have the smallest ratio of glass area to their total area compared to most other cars. Structurally, the door consists of two molded panels. This feature of construction, as well as the use of the internal amplifiers and tubular reinforcing beams ensures reliable protection of passengers in the event of a collision.

The electronic control unit airbag system uses four sensors to determine the impact of its intensity and direction. In addition to the adaptive front airbags driver and front passenger next generation car installed side curtain airbags, which are attached to the bearing elements of the roof above the doors. All passengers Chrysler 300 fitted with three point seat belts. Seatbelts driver and front passenger seats are equipped with pretensioners with force limiters tension.

Bearing elements of the rear Chrysler 300 are designed in accordance with the stringent requirements, prescriptive test the central body blow from behind at a speed of 80 km / h. The design of the type "pipe in pipe" provides the body rigidity and a character of deformation upon impact, where the fuel tank is not damaged.

The electronic device can help when reversing. To do this, the rear bumper installed sensors for detecting obstacles. To a driver with the Chrysler 300 - means of sound and light alarm, warning of possible danger. Outside mirrors automatically rotated when you select reverse gears. Frontal Visibility from the driver's seat improved by the installation of two new sensors. Rain sensor will automatically turn the front windshield wiper at the start of rain and light sensor will automatically turn on lights with the onset of darkness.