Thursday, December 8, 2016

New Chrysler 300C 2016-2017 second generation

After numerous leaks of information, the company Chrysler at the end of December 2010 finally officially unveiled the new sedan 300C II generation. And the world premiere of the novelty was held in January at the motor show in Detroit 2011. The exterior of the sedan was declassified for a long time. Compared to its predecessor, the new Chrysler 300 received a different grille, a modified front bumper, a new optics with LED sections, a small spoiler on the trunk lid and LED tail lights.

In addition, the "three-hundred" got thinner front posts and a more tilted front glass, which gave the car a more rapid look, especially, coupled with optional 20-inch wheels. As for the interior of the new Chrysler 300C II, it has become richer. Improved materials for finishing, for a surcharge, you can order upholstery for Nappa leather, and the seats themselves are ventilated and heated. The instrument panel has also changed, which is now highlighted in blue. Also, buyers can now order a Chrysler 300C two-sectional sunroof and multimedia Uconnect Touch with an 8.4-inch screen. Sales of new items in the US started in the first quarter of 2011, and shipments of the model to Russia began only in April 2012. We decided to supply the sedan only with a 3.6-liter V6 engine with a power of 286 hp. and a six-speed automatic.

With it, the new Chrysler 300C accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 7.0 seconds exactly, and its top speed is 240 kilometers per hour. The average consumption of gasoline in the mixed cycle is declared by the manufacturer at the level of 9.7 liters per hundred (in the city - 14.3, on the highway - 7.1). The price of the Chrysler 300C 2013 is 1 982 500 rubles per car in the only luxury complete set of Luxury. The surcharge for the panoramic roof is 54,500 rubles, and for the Safetytec package, which includes a rear-view camera, a dead zone monitoring system and adaptive cruise control, another 95,000 rubles are requested.

In November 2013, Chrysler introduced an updated sedan 300 of 2014, which received the index S. From the pre-styling version it is distinguished by toned lighting technology, a different design of 20-inch wheels and black-framed radiator grilles and window moldings. The engines for the Chrysler 300S remained the same, but the version with the 5.7-liter V8 HEMI received a reconfigured suspension and a new high-performance braking system. In the interior of the model, there were additional interior design schemes and improved finishing materials.

The company Chrysler brought to the Los Angeles Auto Show 2014 an updated version of the 300 sedan, which in Russia is known as 300C. In general, the car has not changed much, and the next generation model is scheduled to appear in 2018. So, outside the Chrysler 300S 2015 stands out a new, enlarged in size, grille, the emblem on which moved closer to the middle. Also draw attention to the redesigned lights, bumpers, exhaust pipes and LED running lights.

In the salon of the sedan, the steering wheel, the arrangement of the air conditioning buttons, the traditional gear lever were replaced with a rotating washer, and a large color display appeared on the instrument panel. The company also reported on the use of better materials in the interior decoration and upgrading the Uconnect infotainment system, which was taught to distribute Wi-Fi. As for the technology, the engineers worked on the suspension of the Chrysler 300C (2015-2016), in which more aluminum components appeared, and the power steering gave way to the electric one. So now the driver can choose one of three modes of effort: Comfort, Normal and Sport. The list of security systems added adaptive cruise control with the ability to automatically stop to a complete stop, monitoring the number of movements, as well as a system to prevent frontal collisions. The engines for the sedan remained the same, but they are all combined now only with an 8-speed automatic. The drive can be rear, or full. The cost of the base version of the Chrysler 300 2016 grew, compared to the pre-reform machine, by only $ 995 - up to $ 32,390. In the States, the model is available in three versions: Limited, S and Platinum.


Friday, January 1, 2016

Chrysler 300 Hellcat with a "herd" under the hood will be released very soon

May spy photos were true, we expect the Chrysler 300 Hellcat with a 707-horsepower engine next year.
Chrysler 300 Hellcat

The automaker Chrysler, which is part of the international concern FCA, is working on the Hellcat version of its 300 business sedan. It is planned to introduce the novelty in 2018. This is reported by the publication Automotive News.

Chrysler 300 Hellcat

FCA Automobiles, which owns the American brands Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep, already have a Dodge Charger sedan and a Challenger in Hellcat versions, under the bonnet of which there is a 6.2 liter V8 compressor with a capacity of 707 horsepower. More recently, they joined the SUV Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk with the same engine. Currently, it is the most powerful crossover on the market. However, Chrysler still did not represent his "infernal cat."

Given that the Chrysler 300 is built on the same platform as the Dodge Charger and Challenger, the development of the Hellcat version makes sense. The news from Automotive News also confirms early rumors about the Chrysler 300 Hellcat, whose "mule" was seen by photo spies back in May.

Chrysler 300 Hellcat

The new 300 Hellcat will be introduced in 2018 and will be one of the latest versions of the current generation, before the sedan undergoes a major alteration in 2019. The new generation will get a completely new look, a reduced curb weight, and possibly a four-cylinder engine.

Also Chrysler brand intends to update the Pacifica minivan in 2020 and introduce a new mid-size crossover that will share the platform with the Jeep Cherokee. about the Chrysler 300 Hellcat, whose "mule" was seen by the photo spy in May.


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Origins of The Crysler 300c

Chrysler 300C. 1955
The Chrysler 300 - luxury passenger car from American company Chrysler. It was first presented in 1955. In the 1950s among car buyers in the United States prevailed fashion way on a low, long, massive and powerful cars. Following this trend, Chrysler management decided to do the lowest, the longest and most powerful cars. Real implementation of this decision was the Chrysler 300 two-door coupe, created based on the model Chrysler New Yorker with a design in the style of the front of the Chrysler Imperial. The length of the vehicle was 5558 mm, it set the eight-cylinder engine capacity of 5.4 liters capacity of 300 hp. The car can reach speeds of up to 230 km / h. The appearance of the Chrysler 300 full-length opened the period of gigantism in the American automotive industry.

Each year, we collected one or two thousand of Chrysler 300, a model of a new year, a separate index in alphabetical order (1956 - 300B, 1957 - 300C, 1958 - 300D). This procedure was observed until 1965, so the cars Chrysler 300 first years of release (1955-1965) belongs to the "letter series". "Letter series" models has different designs over time in addition to the buyer coupe and convertible were offering, was a constant tendency to increase engine power and engine capacity. In 1957, the Chrysler 300C has become the most powerful car in the US.

In 1962-1971 years in parallel with produced the Chrysler 300 "letter series" cars, the title of which has not been used alphabetic index. These cars are referred to as "non-letter series", in addition to the two-door coupes and convertibles were produced within it, and four-door sedan. By the early 1970s, during the rule on American highways giant voracious cars with engines over, and Chrysler 300 have been removed from the conveyor. However, in the mass consciousness of Americans brand name was a symbol of exclusivity, power and luxury.

Chrysler 300 (Model of 1962 year)

After the creation of the alliance DaimlerChrysler management has decided to revive their brand Chrysler 300. In 1998, a model Chrysler 300M - a full-size sport luxury sedan, equipped with a V-shaped six-cylinder engine of 3.5 liters and 255 hp.Its four-speed automatic transmission and the mechanism had manual switching. The maximum speed of the most powerful version was limited to 230 km/h. In creation of the car has used machines and technologies same as on conveyors Mercedes-Benz.

Chrysler 300M model was discontinued in 2004, when it was replaced by the new Chrysler 300, created on the platform Chrysler LX. This full-size sedan business class got rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive front-engine layout. Depending on the engine version of the car varied: the Chrysler 300 with the base six-cylinder engine capacity of 2.7 liters; The Chrysler 300 Touring and the Chrysler 300 Limited, a V6 engine of 3.5 liters (250 hp); Chrysler 300C - V8 volume of 5.7 liters (340 hp); SRT-8's - top version with a V8 engine capacity of 6.1 liters capacity of 425 hp. In continental Europe, the Chrysler 300 is marketed under the brand Lancia Thema.


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Chrysler is "Chrysler" no more

Concern Chrysler Group LLC has changed it's name - the company called now FCA US LLC. In this case, the name "Chrysler" will be used only to refer to a particular brand of car. This decision was accepted by the group Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), formed after the merger of Fiat and Chrysler in January.

Representatives of the former "Chrysler" noted that the name change will not affect the company's activities, staff and headquarters, which, as before, will be located in Auburn Hills.

"Renaming - is only part of the changes that are in the company of Fiat Chrysler Automobile. If a person changes the name from Smith to Jones for professional or personal reasons, he is still the same person. We need a new name to reflect our role in the new company, that's all" - Chrysler spokesman Ed Garshteyn.

In this case, despite the name change, the company will continue to adhere to the business plan submitted in the spring. He suggests doubling Chrysler lineup due to a compact sedan and two new crossovers.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles company registered in the Netherlands, pays taxes in the UK, and its shares are traded on the stock exchange on New York. At the time of the merger, "Fiat" owned 58.5 percent stake in Chrysler. Logo designed by FCA RobilantAssociati, who also worked with Alfa Romeo, Martini, Bacardi and Ferrero.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chrysler at the Chicago Auto Show

Chrysler 300 Accessories blog informed us that Chrysler does not than it was to surprise her fans in Chicago Auto Show apart from the fact that Ralph Gilles. In addition to developing 300C, Gilles is now called the head of the Dodge.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chrysler toy cars

toy carsMake sure that the car is really cool you can in several ways, one of them, to know whether there is one toy cars of this.

There are not many toy cars of 300c in the Internet, but they are there ;) And are sold like hot cakes.

Full-fledged scale models of the Chrysler 300c, just for $ 14.99$, isn`t it cool?) Yes, there are a lot of different brands of cars at small prices.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

300 grilles

300 grilles
And as you look at the products this company here?

The more communicated by e-mail with their man (Den), found that the 300 grilles for our cars will soon be on sale until the deal with it.

Quote from the message by Den:

I clarified with the authorities, is developing the grilles on your car
already standing in line, and somewhere in a month 300 grilles on your machine will
in our assortment.

Will look like a car you have to "cap"
only thing it will be a round tube profile of polished
steel, ie surface almost mirror-like, well, by virtue of
that this steel - strength and protection, not only beauty. Yes, and soon
total distance between the tubes will be less than this machine.