Thursday, January 21, 2010

In Detroit, presented the new Chrysler 300 S6 and S8

Chrysler 300 S6 S8

It feels that the concern Chrysler marketers have gone mad - how else to explain the company's policy in relation to the sedan 300C? At the Auto Show in Detroit was shown all the same familiar to us from the beginning of 2000's business-class sedan, but with cosmetic changes. All is good, but what was so snobbish to represent it as a completely new model? This is not restyling, as it may seem logical, and not a technical modification of the previous generation - a new "three hundredth" 2010 model year.

Although in fact the car looks the same as the past 7 years. The changes were made shock absorbers, springs, steering and wheels. Obut "new" sedan in the 20-inch wheels with tires Goodyear Eagle RSA.

Most important innovation Chrysler that the model has lost the letter "C" in the title, but gained a new plate on S6 and S8.

It is not difficult to guess, version Chrysler S6 is equipped with engine V6, dual with a five "automatic". The volume in this version is 3.5 liters, power - 250 hp and 339 Nm. Masthead option 300 S8 got under the hood, respectively, the Group of Eight »5,7 HEMI power of 360" horses ".

About prices and early sales of new items »Chrysler has not yet reported.

Chrysler 300 S6 S8

Chrysler 300 S6 S8
Chrysler 300 S6 S8
Chrysler 300 S6 S8


Monday, January 18, 2010

Chrysler 300C hid a new teaser video of the Detroit Auto Show

Chrysler 300C hid a new teaser video of the Detroit Auto ShowIn a video demo of the concern Chrysler, is shown on the Motor Show in Detroit on the stand with perelitsovannoy hatchback version of the Lancia Delta, were found "sewn" teasers prototypes of two new models. Most of the photographs belongs to the concept car 200C, which debuted at last year's Detroit salon and, as expected, is a harbinger of the next generation model of Sebring. Another photograph shows the new sedan 300C. This site reports Jalopnik.

According to preliminary information, the Chrysler 300C can be built on a common platform with the successor of the car Lancia Thesis. The car was reinforced body, an entirely new appearance with a big chrome grille and the original longitudinal slats, the interior with a large touchscreen and a multimedia system uConnect, as well as a completely new six-cylinder engine. Under the five-year plan to restructure the Chrysler group, the next 300C will be available in the 2012-2013 year.

The new Chrysler Sebring, is expected to be built on "fiatovskoy" platform used for the "big sedan" Alfa Romeo. What engines will be offered for "Sebring" is not reported. Note that its prototype - Chrysler 200C - was equipped with a hybrid total power of 268 horsepower. According to the American company, pure electric car could travel 64 kilometers, after which the work included gasoline engine, which increases the range of up to 644 kilometers.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Drifting on 300c

They did not like rap music 300C drifting in public places in Riyadh. In fact, rap was pretty good. Now I'm ready to get arrested over here do, that drivers should be aware of the judge. People who walk must not last long, do you think?


Thursday, January 7, 2010

300C the best vehicle

Scott Burgess of The Detroit News wrote an article about "the best and worst cars decade"
My attention was caught when he said "One of the best", it was like this:
"" Chrysler 300: This car still looks great on the road. This is a great food and a long hood, high belt line, a powerful engine, which prove how a classic is always classic. When the 300 arrived in 2005, he proved that rear-wheel drive vehicles are still appealing to the masses. 300C, with its 5.7-liter HEMI V-8, Chrysler was the home should be run at the vremya.Seychas they should reveal the world yet another hit, but it should be much steeper.
I could not agree more.