Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A 300C Gift or Not

One day, Jimmy Jоnes was walking dоwn the main street when he saw his friend Bubba driving a new Chrysler 300C.
Bubba turned tо him with a grin. ? Bubba ", where Git that the 300C? ?

Susan, yоu can give me. Bubba replies. "It Give It Tо Ya?" I knew, Wuz Kinda Sweet J., the new Chrysler 300C?

"Well, Jimmy Jоnes, let me say tо tell yоu what happened. We Wuz Drivin 'оut оf Cоunty Rоad 6, in the middle оf nоwhere. Susan May ran intо the street and led intо the wооds. 300C parking left, pulled оut tо take all his clоthes and said, Bubba, what he wants. " ? ? Sо I tооk the 300C!

Bubba ", is used fоr a wise man! Clоthing Wоulda never fit.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hero in His 300C

When a man in Houston, Texas, driving his 300C stumbled upon a wild dog attack on boy, he quickly stopped the car, jumped out grabbed the animal and strangled him with two hands.

The correspondent saw the incident from his Chrysler congratulated the man and told him the title the next day would read, "local resident Saves Child by killing Vicious animal.

The hero, however, told reporters that he was not from Houston. He was on a road trip across the country in his Chrysler 300C.

"Well, then," The reporter said that "the headline will probably say:" Texas Man Saves Child by killing the dogs.

"Indeed," the man said, "I come from Connecticut."

"In this case," said the reporter in a rage ", the title would read:" Yankee family murder Peter. "


300C Pirate

300c of the owner, who turned out to be a pirate, went to the store Chrysler parts. The dealer said: "Hey dude, I have not seen you for a while. What happened?" You look awful. 
 "What do you mean? "Said 300C pirate guy." I feel fine ... "
 dealer:" What about the wooden leg? You did not have that before ". 
 300c Driver:" Well, we were in battle, and I got hit with a cannonball, but I'm fine now ". 
 Dealer:" Okay, but what about that hook? What happened to your hand? 300c driver: "It was in another battle. I sat on the ship and got into a fight with swords. Was cut his hand off. I got fitted with a hook. I'm fine, really. 
 dealer:" And that eye patch "? 
 300c Driver: "Oh, one fine day I was on deck and a flock of birds fly. I looked up and one of them shit in my eyes ". 
" You're kidding, "said the dealer." You have lost the eye just from bird shit? "
 300c driver:" It was my first day with the hook. "


300C Tone Two

Sitting on a Drive In to meet them Saturday afternoon, two 300C driver started talking to the new guy with 2005 300C, which was rather unusual paint job. Now most jobs paint that two-toned split upper and lower half of the Auto. This split the car in half on top. One half of the other 300C Metallic Red Lite Purple. .
My friend said: "Hey, you asked one:" Why did you paint one side of your Chrysler red, and the other side of Purple "?

"Well," the other replied: "When I get into an accident, you should see how all the witnesses contradict each other."


Barack Obama would sell his car

No, the new president of U.S. markets because of the crisis is not your superlimuzin, and the car in which he rode a few years ago.At the auction may Chrysler 300? With a powerful 5.7-liter 8-cylinder engine Hemi. It is noted that the machine is in a very rich equipment, and its mileage of about 32 thousand kilometers. Initial price of the lot is $ 100 thousand

This is not the only machine of Obama. One day, try to keep up with the times the president realized that his Chrysler consumes too much fuel and not very environmentally friendly. Then he changed his car on gasoline hybrid Ford Escape. However, it is not yet sold.
Note that today the president of America is shifting to the armored limousine Cadillac, whose protection and fuel consumption is not inferior to the tank.