Wednesday, June 24, 2009

300C via Italy?

From yahoo news, A bankruptcy judge said Friday that he will rule by Monday on whether Chrysler LLC can go forward with its plan sell most of the company to a group headed by Italy's Fiat and take a big step toward its goal of a speedy exit from Chapter 11.
and for those of us that speak Italian

Un giudice fallimentare ha detto che egli Venerdì regola da Lunedi se Chrysler LLC può andare avanti con il suo piano di vendere gran parte della società ad un gruppo guidato da Italia della Fiat e fa un importante passo verso l'obiettivo di una rapida uscita dal capitolo 11.

I wold expect that the Chrysler 300C will become more popular than ever.


300C as Rocket

Adam West, the hero of my childhood, was the original Batman TV series in 1960, it now batmobile 2007 Chrysler 300C. Over at, they interviewed him.
I took note of what he said: "This is a real rocket and I like it," West Syed, that on the day of his driver out of the nine out of 10 rating. Maybe he gave it 9 instead of 10, he deserves because he is jealous, NASA does not use his "missile" at the recent Phoenix Mars mission. If you look at this photograph of 300C Condo in Florida, apparently, they used white instead of 300C Adam Black 300C with 4-wheel drive and the batmobile of license plates ...


The Hammer Has Gone Down on Chrysler

BIG BAM hammer came down. Fiat is the new owner of most of the assets of Chrysler, they closed the case, perhaps, more eggs and ham breakfast. It said the new company will focus on small cars, the areas in which Chrysler has been weak. Well, if you reduce the 300C, it will look ridiculous, I think. They should fix some of their thoughts on this, you do not agree?


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Future of Chrysler 300C

The Future of Chrysler 300COn rear-wheel drive on the Chrysler LX RWD platform will survive in the new fuel economy regulations as Chrysler keeps him around for the next generation of Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger. According to the report,, Chrysler has big plans for the 300 and Charger including large individual for 2011 models. TCC insiders say that while the big updates are planned for the HEMI engine Chrysler.
Cars will arrive in 2010 as a model in 2011 with bold styling, roof line and an updated interior.


Chrysler has Record Sales Outside North America

I meant to post about this before from the general state of health of Chrysler / EN / BUSINESS / "Chrysler has achieved record sales outside North America in 2007 (238,218 units), outselling any previous year in history of the company. This was an increase of 15 percent compared to total sales in the year 2006 and set yet another record company with more than two and a half years, month after month sales growth. In the month of December, sales grew six percent (22,004 units ) compared to the same month last year.
"On behalf of our leadership team, I would like to express my personal thanks and appreciation to Chrysler International Network for the very strong 2007," Bob Nardelli, chairman and chief executive officer, said. "This impressive performance in markets outside North America is a demonstration of what can be done when all of our employees, dealers, distributors and suppliers gathered Chrysler has allowed the company to comply with it has never done before."


300C Across the Line

A bouquet of guys stood around admiring their Chrysler 300C's.
The discussion got heated, as they gave their views on the future of the world, and their precious 300C. They also talked about their wives and girlfriends opinion.
Finally a natural leader Jack held the line in the mud, ending his non-alcoholic beverages "I want every man, henpecked by his wife, to get a break to talk about his old Chrysler, all the time, step-by-line". The whole group of guys stepped over him, except for Bob.
Jack came up to Bob looked into his eyes and said: "Why do not you step forward?"
Bob replied: "My wife told me not." She wants to 300C for themselves.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Sinister jet black Chrysler 300C

David Cronenberg film, the history of violence history of the ordinary man a peaceful life in rural America, who developed a fiercer version of himself after the robbery of his coffee shop. The film has a lot of turn, but without a strong presence on the Chrysler 300C, it does not fit your criteria will be a great movie. Especially for a movie to play a sinister car, jet black Chrysler 300C has a chrome trim, darkened slit windows, gaping, barking-shark grille and low-rider position. Evil Chrysler 300C was the best in the place where the leadership of goons Ed Harris went into the house of Viggo Mortensen endanger his family.


Death in the Family 300C

It was a sad day when the 300C Stanley, Chairman of the Board WOBO 300C cars in the club died in a fire and his body was burned very badly.

Investment should be in the morgue to identify body, so they sent for his two best friends, Cooter and VP Treasurer Homer. Three men have always done everything together, and indeed a sad day.

Cooter arrived first, and when the mortician sheet retreated, 
 Cooter said: "Yup, his face burned pretty badly. You better roll him over." In the mortician rolled him over and Cooter said: "No, not the Stanley."

As a mortician thought this was rather strange. So he brought Gomer from polishing his 300C to confirm the identity of the body. Gomer looked at the body, and said: "Yup, he's very well burnt. 
 Roll over it." In the mortician rolled him over and Gomer said: "No, this is not Stanley '

As a mortician asked: "How can you say?"

Homer said: "Well, Stanley, the two assholes". 
 'What? He had two assholes? "Asked the mortician. 'Yup, we never saw' Em, but everyone used to say: 
 'There, Stanley 300C with them two assholes".


Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Very Expensive 300C

WoW, $ 271,300 was the top bid on Ebay for the 2005 Chrysler 300 C, formerly belonging to President Barrack Obama. Unbelievable. Reportedly, there were 131 applications were placed on the 20,000 mile car.


A 300C Gift or Not

One day, Jimmy Jones was walking down Main Street when he saw his friend Bubba driving a new Chrysler 300C.
Bubba pulled him with a broad grin. 
 'Bubba, where'd GIT that you 300C? "

'Suzi May Give It To Me ". Bubba replied. 
' She give it to me?" I know'd it wuz kinda sweet on me, but the new Chrysler 300C? "

'Well, Jimmy Jones, let me tell you what happened. We wuz drivin 'on County Road 6, in the middle of nowheres. Suzi May be removed from the road and went into the forest. She parked in the 300C, left, threw out all his clothes and said: 
 'Bubba, take what you want ". 
 So I took the 300C!"

'Bubba, yore a smart man! Their clothes woulda never fit you.


300C Dreamin

Good vision is a repeat.
It was a beautiful day, the sun beat down
drivin 'at 300C grovin' with siris
The trees went by, and I was Dylan singin '
A little escape, I was flyin '

Yes Runnin 'down a dream
This has never come to me
Workin 'for the mystery, Goin', where it leads
I'm Runnin 'down a dream

I was very good, as all possible
I hit cruise control and rubbed his eyes
In the last three days the rain had stopped
It was always cold, no sun shine

Yes Runnin 'down a dream
This has never come to me
Workin 'for the mystery, Goin', where it leads
I'm Runnin 'down a dream

I rolled on as the sky grew dark
I put the pedal down for a while
There is something good waitin 'down this road
I'm pickin 'up that this is my


Monday, June 8, 2009

Chrysler 300C Touring - Test Drive

If you wear glasses, your head PROELA baldness, your growth and build repel others, you poor attention from the opposite sex - you need a Chrysler 300C Touring. This car can make all congeal on the ground and start saliva, watch how you startuete with a traffic light.
Such opinions thrown around on a huge estate Chrysler 300C. It looks really impressive. Some compare him with a heavy hand hearse, but even they greedily provozhajut his eyes and recognized that this design does not meet more than none. Although the 300C Touring for sale in dealer showrooms for more than a year, it is rarely seen on the streets of Moscow. What is the cause of this uncertainty of buyers? 
Exterior Design Chrysler 300C Touring is unique in all respects. The huge grille with a chrome grid, huge headlamps harmoniously fit into the great universal hood. The adjective «huge» can be used against 300C everywhere: a huge body length of five meters, a huge wheelbase of 3048 mm, a huge trunk, the maximum volume of 1602 liters.

U 300C all great, except, perhaps, rear and side windows. The latter have given way to a massive wide (again, huge) the door and did not hinder the review. In the best traditions of the American automobile industry, a large station wagon has a spacious interior, which restrictions will not feel even a very tall passengers. True, this car is still for 4 persons, because place in the center rear seat is very uncomfortable because of the wide and high tunnel under their feet. Moving in the back seat, you can look at a narrow window, or look ahead, no more classes for passengers at the rear of engineers did not come. 
If outside the Chrysler 300C is impressive and luxurious vehicle, the inside things are quite otherwise. The front panel is fitted with round plastic adjustments and the same buttons, but the appearance of the audio system does not fit into his head: a car - and such electronics? Does not it make more worthy?

Seats skinned skin nice and noble white, right, front-seat leather spared, and so on each side are half-skinned white cloth. Finishing a good salon, the steering wheel and the lever are hints in the CPT tree itself chetyrehspitsevy big wheel and leather cover, and two lower spokes finished by chromium. The steering wheel are audio controls and on-board computer, the screen which is displayed on the dashboard. 

As has been the sad tradition for all cars supplied to us in Chrysler 300p, proposed to Russia, there is no display on the front panel, where all Western countries is the navigation system. But because in our country with a navigation system, while not all good (road navigator with a television system and onboard computer for the first time presented so far only BMW only recently), the Chrysler decided that it would be enough audio.

Performance on-board computer displayed on the dashboard and tells you all the standard indicators (fuel consumption, mileage, etc.) that can be displayed both in kilometers and miles. Sami also performed under the appliances and chrome is highlighted in green light, like the buttons on the front panel, the level of brightness which can be changed. Equipment is well read, at any time of day. In the dashboard why some embedded electronic compass indicating the direction of movement in one direction or another part of the world. Typically, these features are available from the SUVs, whose vocation wheel fields and forests, but 300p is worse than the Chrysler? 

If you're tired of all the achievements of the modern automobile, then using the keys on-board computer, you can disable various features designed to make life easier for car. You do not like that side mirrors are deleted when moving in reverse? Please, you can disable this feature. Tired of nasty squeak parktronikov - also disabled, leaves the seat back when you exit the car - it is possible to stop this chaos! You can also disable the rain sensor, flashing light with an external device for setting the alarm. If you do not want the doors are blocked at a speed exceeding 24 km / h, it is also possible to deactivate.

Driver's seat in the Chrysler 300C offers all possibilities for convenient placement. The seat is regulated in eight positions, which can not be said about the front seat passenger, a number of adjustments is reduced by half, namely: the very seat can be adjusted for height and distance from the front panel, but the back will have to adjust manually, and the list of options in electric back of the front passenger seat is not included, as a consequence - the lack of your seat. With regard to the driver, he can to memorize two different variants of the geometry of the seat, steering wheel, equipped with electronically controlled four positions - on the inclination and the escape, as well as the position of the pedals are also equipped with electronically controlled memory (option). 
Indicators parktronikov in the Chrysler 300C is on the ceiling, аккурат over the rear seat back. With rear-view mirror, you can follow the approach of obstacles, not only through the rear glass, but with the help of sensors, which display the distance to the obstacle by using the scale on the left and right. When the distance is close to critical, distributed intense warning signal.

Here are just a front parktroniki missing, which is very uncomfortable with such huge (some have not heard that word) size car. By the way, all mirrors in the Chrysler 300C Touring with avtozatemneniem. 

Space for baggage in Universale предостаточно. In general, the structure of the luggage compartment is very innovative. First, the fifth door took a portion of the roof, which can be opened without going out of the car body. Advantages of such solutions can be felt in the parking lot, if too close to drive to the nearby car - not necessarily pull off from it at a distance to open the trunk.

Back row of seats can be difficult to form a large space for baggage. In addition, the floor has a double bottom, which is height of about 10 cm and the bottom is the battery and spare wheel. As a result, the volume of space can be increased from 603 to 1602 liters. 

Driving the quality of Chrysler 300C Touring with the 3.5-liter engine it is at the proper level. Despite a long base and impressive weight of 1902 kg, touring quite frisky on the road. Of the three options for the engine V6 power of 253 hp, probably the minimum that can be installed in this car. 

Rudder tugovat slightly at low speeds and the brakes have a poor feedback to the driver. Approach, for example, the light seems that you have to press the brake pedal in order to stay in the right place, but the car continued to move, and it even stronger pressure on the brake. 

The merger of German and American group could not bring their full benefits. Chrysler 300C Touring was the platform of his German fellow E-klasse in the body W211, front and rear suspension, similar steering reechnogo type, and full gear is the same as that of the «E-shki» 4MATIC: 62% of torque is transferred to the rear wheels, while 38% - on the front. 

Thanks to the full drive and the availability of ESP Chrysler 300C excellent passes steep turns (even if the length of 5 meters!), As well as great on slippery slopes. 5-speed automatic with the function of Autostick (ICIE imitation) works smoothly, without failures and unnecessary shocks.

Pendant is set in such a way that a small velocity Chrysler 300C zhestkovat, but with the quick ride roughness hardly felt. As soon as the tachometer needle zapolzaet for the 2500 revolutions, from under the bonnet is dealt a powerful and quite loud roar, the body is pressed to the seat, and the speedometer needle starts to creep up fast. 

And finally ... As an option for the Chrysler 300C Touring proposed audio system with 6 speakers Boston Acoustics, amplifier at 288 W and CD-changer for 6 CDs in the dashboard. This is fantastic for sound quality Acoustics premium class will not leave anyone indifferent. Even at maximum volume, the sound remains clean and high quality, and CD-changer can play just like regular Audio or mp3 files.


Friday, June 5, 2009

Сhrysler 300 rear wheel drive

All-wheel connections at the rear wheels on the 2005 Chrysler 300 and Dodge Magnum

? All new wheel-drive choice added to the Line-for outstanding work in all weather conditions

? All vehicles go on sale this autumn start in the $ 27,900 (MSRP $ 625 without a destination)

Auburn Hills, Mich. - One wheel? Two wheels? Three wheels, four? All the wheels of your preferences? Who? Chrysler Group rounding its Dodge Magnum and Chrysler 300 family, all-wheel-drive (AWD) versions of very popular cars.

For those, Dodge customers who prefer all-wheel drive, the AWD 2005 Dodge Magnum SXT AWD and Dodge Magnum RT will be introduced this autumn. Later in the fourth quarter, Chrysler all-wheel-drive fans will be able to choose from AWD Chrysler 300 Touring and AWD model Chrysler 300C, as well as the AWD package that will be available as an option for the Chrysler 300 Limited.

"Rear-wheel drive Dodge Magnum and Chrysler 300 have proved themselves in the market as the most popular singers in the entire United States, and we hope that these new all-wheel-drive choice to continue this momentum," said George Murphy, Senior Vice - President, Global Brand Marketing.

By continuously driving all wheels, new all-wheel-drive system provides excellent cornering balance and traction under all driving conditions. In combination with standard features such as electronic program of stability (ESP), all-speed traction control, four-wheel anti-lock brakes and emergency brake Assist, performance and stability are outstanding in the new members of the Board of AWD Dodge Magnum and Chrysler 300 lineup.

"While chassis electronics and tire technology improvements help to control Chrysler 300 and Dodge Magnum rear-wheel-drive models, some customers may choose all-wheel-drive choice," said Murphy. "In this latest version, we can offer what the customer wants in each case."

The new all-wheel drive system adds a front differential and transfer case to the standard rear-wheel drive configurations. All wheel drive continuously divide power between the front and rear axle by 38 percent to 62 percent ratio.

In addition to the front differential and transfer case, all-wheel drive system adds a unique short-and long-arm front suspension for the front drive axle and related components. This unique suspension uses a forged upper control arm and one case of iron below the control arms, effectively packaged around the front axle drive system. The steering gear effort and response and the suspension characteristics also are tailored to work with the characteristics of all-wheel-drive vehicles.

AWD 2005 Dodge Magnum SXT Model
Manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP) for the 2005 AWD Dodge Magnum SXT model is $ 27,900 (excluding $ 625 destination). This includes the added front differential, transfer case and all-wheel-drive front suspension, a five-speed automatic transmission with AutoStick ®, 18-inch wheels and touring tires, performance disk brakes and 19-gallon fuel tank with 3.5 - liter V-6 High Output engine.

AWD 2005 Dodge Magnum RT Model
MSRP for the 2005 AWD Dodge Magnum RT model is $ 31,370 (excluding $ 625 destination). This includes the addition of the front differential, transfer case and all-wheel-drive front suspension. (Five-speed automatic gearbox, 18-inch wheels and touring tires, performance disk brakes and 19-gallon fuel tank already included as standard equipment on the Dodge Magnum RT.)

2005 AWD Chrysler 300 Touring Model
MSRP for the 2005 AWD Chrysler 300 Touring model is $ 29,370 (excluding $ 625 destination). Additional front differential, transfer case and all-wheel-drive front suspension, a five-speed automatic transmission with AutoStick, 18-inch wheels and touring tires, performance disk brakes and 19-gallon fuel tank are included with the 3.5-liter V-6 High Output engine on the AWD Chrysler 300 Touring model.

2005 Chrysler 300 Limited AWD Option
In 2005 Chrysler 300 Limited will be offered as an all-wheel-drive vehicle with the option package. In addition to the limited model of standard equipment, this package will add the front differential, transfer case and all-wheel-drive front suspension, a five-speed automatic transmission with AutoStick, 18-inch wheels and touring tires, performance disk brakes and 19-gallon fuel tank with 3.5-liter V-6 High Output engine. MSRP for 2005 Chrysler 300 Limited AWD cars with options is $ 31,215 (excluding $ 625 destination).

2005 Chrysler 300C AWD Model
MSRP for the 2005 AWD Chrysler 300C model is $ 34,195 (excluding $ 625 destination). This includes the addition of the front differential, transfer case and all-wheel-drive front axle and 18-inch wheels. (Five-speed automatic transmission, touring tires, performance disk brakes and 19-gallon fuel tank already included as standard equipment on the Chrysler 300C.)

In the 2005 AWD Dodge Magnum and Chrysler 300 AWD will be built at Brampton Assembly Plant in Brampton, Ontario.


Chrysler 300C crash-test

Remains unknown owner of the American minivan Chrysler 300C decided to test the dynamic characteristics of his "iron horse".

True, the place he chose for this failure: the narrow passages of one of Kiev's garage cooperatives not very suitable for high-speed races.

As a result - a serious collision with the wall. In the terminology of crash tests, this accident can be called a frontal attack with 100 percent overlap. Results of crash-test - in the photo.

Chrysler 300C crash-test